Let’s create epic things that your users will love.

That’s me Mathias Beugnon a digital product designer and CTO-as-a-service.

About me

I’m Mathias, a French digital nomad based in Toulouse and traveling often to Berlin, Paris. Previously co-founder of a digital design agency as CEO and a dating website as CTO. I have 10 years of experience with clients ranging from small startups to global corporations. I help entrepreneurs to create or re-think their products, and I like to share my know-how and experience with them. I design and develop solutions that solve users’ problems.


I do digital product design and development. If it as to do with the web, I can build it. If your projects require skills I don’t have or more resources, my network of talented people can team up with me. I can assemble a small and focused team providing great quality each step of the way.

I can help you build an MVP and go to market; provide CTO-as-a-service to guide product and technology decisions; deliver a world-class user experience across devices and form factors. In short, I can take an idea from end to end.

The journey

I work in small teams, whether it’s with your crew or my friends. We are in constant communication with tools like Trello, Slack, and Github. I’m flexible based on project needs, and I like to work on weekly iterations of focused work. I believe you can only achieve epic solutions by employing a special process. Here is the journey from 0 to 1.

[0] A problem (aka an idea)

[1] Go to market

[*] May require help from my friends as I don’t cover all fields in these disciplines.


Web / Desktop / Smart TV / IoT

I’m a code polyglot.

I set up every project with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) with tools like Gitlab CI, Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes. If you don’t have these yet, we can use my platform so we don’t lose time and look at your awesome app already live since our first commits.


I love React, it’s the best tool to build blazing fast client-side applications.


Sometimes you need a backend, Node.js does not compromise speed, scalability, and maintainability. If you want to build an API or a web app, that’s the tools you need.


PHP, Python, Java, Go, Rust, Elixir, Swift, Reason, ... I can also do great things with them.

Mobile / Tablet

React Native

React Native permits to write native applications on iOS and Android while sharing a single codebase. You can ship faster and to both platforms since day one.

MVP / Virtual CTO

When you need to take a product idea end to end, I can help you with technology decision and through launch.

Your team will be following the best practices and get help at any time. You gonna have a clear vision of the progress and milestones.

I can also do code reviews for each merge requests, to ensure the quality of each line of codes and interactions.

Product Design

From sketches to prototypes, I can design the user experience of your product.

Although I do UX design, I’m not a UI designer. I can produce slick looking apps but I’m not going to do your branding.

I can guide you along the journey with product strategy and UX, or do a product design sprint when you have a specific problem to solve.

What is a product design sprint?

A product design sprint is a technique to quickly solve product design problems and test the viability of a solution. It has been pioneered by the Google Ventures Design Team.

A design sprint is comprised of five phases; Understand → Diverge → Converge → Prototype → Test. Each phase typically lasts one day.

It involves at least one decider (C-level), one or two persons of each department (product, development, marketing, sales, support, …), and me as moderator for a week, plus some users during the last day.

Why do a design sprint?

A design sprint orients the team and aims our efforts toward a mutual goal. Design thinking and product design sprints keep us on target and invest our time and money wisely.

Sprints are useful when kicking off a new business, product, feature, or workflow. Sprints can also be used to solve problems with an existing product.

What should you expect to have at the end of a design sprint?

At the end of the sprint, the team will understand the problem and will have validated whether we have a viable solution to begin building or whether we need to run another sprint to keep searching for a solution. It can save months of developments by discarding poor solutions before having to implement them.


Transparency is a serious matter:

I will invoice you every month, you basically pay-as-you-go and if it’s the first time we are working together I’ll also ask for a deposit.

If you are on a fixed budget, I will do an estimate beforehand on what we can expect to be done inside this budget. Although, I don’t do fixed rates since It’s not aligned with my values and compromise the quality.

Seems expensive? You are not hiring me to code or design, you are hiring me to solve a problem.

I’d love to work with you

Get to know me over a cup of coffee or a video call.

Project inquiries

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By Email

For non-project related inquiries, contact me at [email protected].